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To use a chocolate fountain, start by buying a couverture chocolate, which contains higher levels of cocoa butter, for best results.Here are my recommendations for a perfect chocolate fondue night, whether you are planning on using a chocolate fountain or a chocolate fondue pot.Some time People do not know 40% cocoa content or can not find. so sephra chocolate is best choice.

The kind you get in the bakers section of the supermarket ( chocolate chips or chocolate shaped buttons) add a little oil to it when melting.The chocolate fountains are a sturdy, commercial-grade piece of equipment.I heard in the paper some kid put it in the ranch dressing at his school and got arrested.With the Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain Chocolate, you will never fall short of delicious melted chocolate for your chocolate fountain.

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The Kalorik CHM 41044 BK Cascading Chocolate Fondue Fountain is the lowest price fountain on this list, yet it gives you the best value for your money.Chocolate Fountain Fantasies is one of the only companies who use the Sephra Fountains exclusively.

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I would buy the melting, fountain chocolate at Wal-Mart in the wedding section.Were I using a chocolate fountain for any purpose, I would try my best to use a chocolate with extra cocoa butter.Birthday parties, graduations, weddings, reunions, prom and sporting events.

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Now with a home version of the chocolate fountain machine, in the home you can make chocolate fountain, you can own with different ingredients to make their own tastes and style of chocolate.

Our specialists can help you discover the perfect chocolate fountain dipping ideas.

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It may not be true of everything, but when buying chocolate, you usually get what you pay for.High-quality chocolate will turn your strawberries from ordinary to extraordinary.Next, melt the chocolate for 3 minutes in the microwave, or in a double boiler.

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I thought you had to use proper chocolate for the fountains but im not 100% I.

To simplify cleaning of the Chocolate Fountain, carefully remove the tower and auger.

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It was smaller than I hoped for initially but then realized 2lbs of chocolate go a long way.

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There is a reason why the other fountains do NOT have a lifetime warranty.Our Sephra fountains are the quietest and most trusted fountains on the market today.

Chocolate Fountain Machine for Wedding Party Introduction of Chocolate Fountain Machine for Wedding Party Feel happiness and shock in a restaurant or a wedding ceremony9 Often go to eat buffet is more expensive, but also can not eat so much, wedding rent such equipment prices are also very high.The fountain is larger than most that you can rent for, lets say, your wedding or a party.If you want to stick to using your chocolate fountain for chocolate, you can always use variations on chocolate.Even a small coffee shop can make chocolate snacks on the spot, increasing the atmosphere in the.The fountain has three settings—preheat to warm the base unit, flow to set the luscious fountain of chocolate cascading, and off for safe removal of the chocolate after the party.I make chocolate items for fun right now and use a double boiler.

To melt chocolate properly, begin by pouring a few pounds of chocolate chips into a microwavable bag.

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There are several types of chocolate, classified according to the proportion of cocoa used in a particular formulation.

Do NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on this unit.With melted chocolate fountain kiosk in the base, just switch the motor on and the chocolate is carried up the tower and gracefully topples over the top, to flow over each tier.Constructed of stainless steel, a chocolate fountain is usually rented out for special occasions by party supply shops or professional catering services.

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For even greater intensity, choose a bittersweet chocolate labeled anywhere from 66 percent to 70 percent and use the greater amount of liquid called for.